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The importance of having trained people

Security guards handle the protection and security of many properties, including property, money, equipment, and people. These kinds of guards sometimes use weapons and special equipment, and sometimes they do not, to carry out all activities.

Among the equipment that can carry out all activities are video cameras, motion sensors, alarms, closed circuits, guns, canes, pepper spray, etc. Everything depends on the level of protection and security that is required.

Security guards watch over and protect many properties, including private and public institutions, private property, homes, offices, schools, and parks.

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Features and activities of security guards

A security guard must wear a uniform and identification at all times.

Security guards must prevent theft, vandalism, and sabotage of property.

Patrol the entire area to avoid dangerous acts.

Protect property with the help of a closed-circuit or a camera.

Report an incident to the company, client, or owner.

Use lethal and non-lethal weapons.

Protect valuables.

Give access to restricted areas and property.