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Most of the time, we also refer to private security as private surveillance. In recent years, Australia has seen a dramatic increase in private security company employment because of the poor security that existed in some parts of the country, resulting in a record increase in the industry.

Given such a rapid expansion, it is very important to understand the definition of private security and the breadth of services offered by this industry, whether it is companies in other industries or individuals who need bespoke or unique protection.

What is security in the first place?

The word “security” comes from the Latin word “Securitas.” It comes from Securus (don’t be careful, don’t be careful, don’t worry), which means you are free from all dangers and harm. From a psychological point of view, an individual (person or animal) can be considered to be in a mental state that creates a certain sense of being away from any danger under any circumstances. Security is the assurance of people that they are safe from any damage, threat, danger, or risk, and the desire to feel safe from anything that may disturb or threaten their physical, moral, social, and even economic integrity.

What is private security?

Security Providers (Security Firm Code of Practice) Regulation 2008, https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/sl-2008-0121 According to the report, private security is the activity of an individual allowed by the competent authority to perform security-related acts, including the protection, monitoring, storage, and transfer of persons, information, real estate, movable property, or security.

It is important for a private security business to give you a comprehensive and detailed plan of the services you hire and a security study to understand how they will behave in times of crisis. If you are looking for a private security business in Australia, Qld Diamond Security offers a complete service that adapts and responds to your every need with our innovation, avant-garde, and deep industry knowledge.

What types of private security do you have?

The market for private security is so vast that various types of private protection have emerged to meet the needs of individuals and institutions. Among these private security measures, you can discover the following private security:

School security guard. It is a group of both male and female elements, commonly referred to as security guards, and is trained and equipped to protect the integrity of people and maintain active surveillance in hospitals, shopping centers, banks, apartments, or other crowded places where the companies provide the services.

Private escorts are also available.

security guard brisbaneOne or more people who have received professional training on the theme of security to protect a person. Its key role is to maintain the integrity, defense, and safety of the authorities, athletes, actors, and anyone else who hires this service. Security escorts have highly specialized skills, especially in personal defense, handgun use, and/or aggressive and defensive driving, to prevent situations that endanger their lives or the lives of their disciples.

Automotive armor.

Automotive armor is a physical protective barrier that is placed on top of a car or truck to reduce or prevent a firearm attack, ensuring that bullets do not penetrate inside. There are different types of armor depending on the level of protection required by the customer, such as Level 3, Level 3 Plus, Level 5, Level 5 Plus, Level 6, and Level 7. Some security companies may provide this service.

CCTV monitoring system.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a technical device connected to a television that forms a circuit so that only a specific person can see the image taken by a security camera. This is tailored to the needs of each customer, such as personal protection, monitoring, and service improvement.

Transportation services for security

Transportation Services for Security “ensures the safe arrival of goods to our customers by managing, storing, and transporting goods, documents, currencies, etc. with efficient technical solutions that enable optimal route control, punctuality, and quality retention.

In addition, the service features a comprehensive insurance policy covering the transfer of these values, a license to carry certified weapons from the state government, and a worker’s loyalty duty guarantee.

These are just a few of the many services a private security firm can offer in this vast industry. It is important to consider what services your organization needs and how the companies that provide them can respond to satisfy both sides.

There are various types of security guards in this industry.

In this precarious situation, many people are seeking the services of private security guards because they feel unsafe even if they are at home. As Australia is one of the most violent countries in the world, people often force victims to hire security guards without fully understanding the safety of security guards.

Government contract guards.

These guards are Australian government-licensed and well-trained arms. The aim is to maintain peace, protect, defend, and protect government employees and property. There are positions in the following areas of government security work:


The Military Operations Center



The Postal Service of Australia

Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Security guarding

It is an individual who specializes in private security. Be a person who has strict control over functions and is trained to cope with emergencies. They are typically security guards who perform a wide range of surveillance responsibilities in banks, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, pharmacies, etc. They can employ this service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In-house Security Guard

Security intras for security guards are also called security patents. This is a professional security guard who is directly employed by a company or company that needs security. People don’t hire through recruitment agencies.

Security guards or business owners have a wide choice. Some industries require private security guards on the ground and in the street to protect the company’s services and assets. Among them are:

Protector of armored vehicles.

Bank security guards

Hospital and medical center security

TSA personnel

Cruise safety

Home protection

Information security

Safety and protection of hotels and resorts.

Production testing and safety.


Museums and museums

Choice of private security guards.

There are various possibilities for companies that employ the services of private security company. Most security companies provide some or all of the following security services:

A private security guard who is unarmed

The basis of private security is an unarmed security guard. Just because you don’t have a weapon does not change the fact that you are a valuable existence. In the overall picture, most people often need unarmed security.

There are many less-threatening jobs, and unarmed guards fully meet the conditions. Unarmed guards handle surveillance, patrols, access control, policy enforcement, and general crime deterrence.

Armed private security guards

Armed guards hold arms. You may also use your arms to hold other deadly weapons. High-risk scenarios, such as violence or dealing with valuables, usually require the use of armed guards.

Many of the armed guards are former military or police officers. Former military or police officers are ideal candidates for armed guards. The most stringent standards apply to armed guards. These officers must have completed state-mandated firearms training and supplemental safety training. Armed guards are active in various fields. Its applications range from construction sites to concerts and conferences.

Looking for an on-campus security unit or bodyguard?

If you are looking for on-campus security or a professional escort team trained to prepare for dangerous situations, Qld Diamond Security can help.

We are known as the only private security business in Australia with a high-performance center. In the high-performance center, private security professionals can not only improve their physical abilities but also develop their talents. We can provide you with the best training, planning, and approach according to your risk situation.