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Unarmed guards are well-trained professionals who can handle high-risk situations without resorting to weapons. An unarmed security guard is a kind of public security officer who monitors and supervises certain areas without weapons for illegal activities, suspicious behavior, or dangerous situations. Unarmed guards are active in a variety of locations, including retail, residential, entertainment, hospitals, banks, and power plants, as well as providing private security and escort services.

The work of unarmed guards

Security Guards
Security Guards

The main task of unarmed guards is to monitor and protect the allocated property from criminal activity and damage. Keep an eye on the flow and behavior of people, monitor for suspicious behavior at all times, and be able to respond in case of an emergency. Some patrol on foot or by car, while others are stationed at a single entrance, such as a gate or door. The duties and responsibilities of unarmed guards often include carrying out area patrols and security inspections on foot or by car. To protect the safety of buildings and communities, we regularly patrol and check for suspicious points.

Unarmed guards are on the lookout for anomalies and illegal activities such as shoplifting and corruption with security cameras. Detain the culprit. If an illegal act is found, unarmed guards can detain the offender and secure him until the authorities arrive. Manage access to the building. Unarmed guards can monitor the entrance of the building, check the identity of visitors and check their belongings with metal detectors.

It is necessary to respond to emergencies. Unarmed guards alert the police, fire departments, and ambulance services in the event of criminal activity or other crises and secure the area before their arrival.

The capabilities of unarmed guards

The work of unarmed guards, despite being a typical repetitive task, requires constant awareness. The employer needs a person who is attentive and attentive to every detail and does not easily get distracted or bored. Unarmed guards must be able to calmly and effectively handle difficult and dangerous situations. This also requires good decision-making skills. The excellent skills of the people will also be an advantage for unarmed guards who regularly interact with the public.

How to use unarmed security guards

Unarmed guards are responsible for important security tasks, so they require special training. Therefore, if you want to use such services, you need to ask a supervisory company with a high level of quality, such as Qld Diamond Security Company.

Security companies with experience in this area can advise on how to organize the unarmed security guard service to achieve the best results. We must not forget that this is a delicate and important responsibility to avoid a trial for the misdeeds of unarmed guards. Only security companies that employ properly trained professionals can achieve maximum results in accordance with current laws on unarmed surveillance with minimal effort.