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Will you benefit from a security risk assessment?

Really benefit from a security risk assessment? That’s an open question far from our ability to answer. What we do know is crime of all kinds is on the uptick thanks to a surge in electronic devices. A blackmailer can record your conversation from outside your house.

Your office computers could be riddled with spyware. An independent security risk assessment would help you avoid having to buy your way out of trouble.

Circumstances keep constantly changing.

However, back fitting solutions with compromised kids is another matter. No amount of money can redeem them from damage caused by sexual abuse, or mainline addiction acquired in shady nightclubs.

These risks are the subject of parental nightmares. They exist. We need to be constantly aware because circumstances keep changing. A security risk assessment is one way to keep up to date.

Spyware and phishing have also crept up on us unawares. They have a single goal. That’s to figure out our passwords. When they have a clue, they keep spinning it until they are in. Perhaps it’s time to review the ones that auto load?

Our Security Risk Assessment of the 7 Worst Password Mistakes

Security Risk Assessments
Security Risk Assessments

Using the same password across the entire range

# 6: To save time, use a short password.

# 5: Modify the default password only slightly.

#4: Creating a password based on personal information

# 3: Sharing our password with someone else

# 2: Creating a password that’s a keyword pattern

Storing passwords on a device in plain text

The last one is the most dangerous. If ransomware snags you, you cannot access the device. However, criminals can and will search your files for passwords while you come to terms with blackmail.

However, your biggest threat could be an insider.

An insider threat comes from people within your organization. Don’t just look at current and past employees. They could also be suppliers, contractors, business associates, or even customers.

It’s become necessary to do security risk assessments of those in your inner circle: Anybody in a position to steal your information or set you up for a robbery.

QLD Diamond Security specializes in identifying these threats.

You could manage one or two of these risks on your own, if you had the time. However, monitoring all of them would be impossible unless there was someone you could turn to.

QLD Diamond Security employs dedicated security risk assessment specialists able to work undercover in your environment. Call 1800 553 788, or write to us if you have a concern you need to share.

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