Private security company in Brisbane, Australia and its changeover

Since ancient Egypt, the concept of security has existed. According to the needs of the people, changes and ingenuity were added to the goods and tools used, such as harnesses, scaffolding, and sandals for workers.

In the history of safety at work, it has evolved. Today, they are not only with the help of guards, but also have advanced technology to ensure the quality and protection of the company. Because with the help of technology, employees, customers and facilities will be kept safer. Now the enterprise has a variety of customers. Among them are businessmen, politicians, artists and others who have a vested interest in keeping workers safe.

The security sector includes several areas, such as security, technology, and personal defense. There is virtually no difference between a company that is solely for the purpose of hiring security guards and a company that manages security services and also has CCTV. In Australia, the number of private security companies has increased significantly. Behind this is an increase in crime in Australia.

The historical changes that have clearly occurred

hire local security company in brisbaneSecurity has always existed, and its evolution is directly linked to human behavior. In ancient times, man was exposed to various situations that put his own integrity at risk. Therefore, they created a variety of weapons to protect themselves from hazards that could threaten humans (fires, animals, floods, etc.).

The fact that they wanted to survive became a need to preserve the species and avoid extinction. From that moment on, man has to bear all the risks that surround him. In the same way, things that protect ourselves are constantly evolving.

Therefore, it was not so often that various types of crimes occurred. What you have to be careful about is not “it was not”, but “it was not as frequent as it is now.” In the case of female killings, there was little to hear as it is now.

Security in the enterprise is focused on ensuring the use of information among staff by relying on common sense. However, as technology advances, new threats emerge, rendering the security that grandparents once enjoyed obsolete.

The changes in technology that are presented to protect us.

One of the most notable changes is the use of technology. In 1942, a television circuit was used. The first camera was black and white, connected to the monitor. After that, it became possible to observe multiple cameras on the same monitor, and it evolved like forgetting black and white cameras and starting to use color cameras.

The way VHS videos were stored kept taking up a lot of space. With the advent of DVDs, camcorders had to innovate because they could not put DVDs in a video cassette player, from which cameras began to be used. Its disadvantage is that the videos are easily deleted and cannot be restored.

Today, surveillance cameras already have applications that allow you to automatically save videos to your computer or even upload them to the cloud for storage. The only worry is that they will be lost. In order not to do so, you also need to take a copy. And for even more reliability, if you store it on a USB stick, it won’t be discarded like VHS or DVD.

What to do if you already have a company?

Before you hire a private security company, you need to investigate because they often don’t provide the services you need or are very expensive. Similarly, the image of the guard will also be an important factor, so it is recommended to investigate. This is simply to make sure that the company is 100% reliable and to know a little about the services offered by homes, houses, department stores, etc.

Once you have decided which company to ask for, we will continue to investigate and evaluate whether that company can really feel safe. On the other hand, if you feel that you are not convinced, you may change your company.

In addition, in order to know the work of the guard man, you must always communicate with the company. In the same way, if the guard man is not doing his original job, wouldn’t it be good to take communication? When requesting services from a private security company, if evaluation services are not provided to the security guard, the security guard may request an evaluation because for the continued trust provided by the company, it is important that the security guard is constantly monitored.

Tips for hiring a reliable security company

Private security companies are booming with a variety of businesses growing. The point of asking them

  1. Ensure that the company you hire meets the certification issued by ASIS. These confirm that the company is a serious and trustworthy company. The main ones are the following 3- CPP (Certified as Professional Protection), PCI (Certified as a Professional Investigator), and PSP (Certified as Professional in Physical Security).
  1. Check the number of years of experience you have. This is because, based on experience, you can have confidence in potential customers, and as a customer, it is also important to understand what the service they provide is like.

Great companies that offer private security services have a huge presence on the Internet and social networks, and can provide information without having to dial when searching.

  1. Ask how they train their staff. Highly and effectively trained staff will lead to the right service and quality protection.
  1. Check your digital presence. Check the reviews to see if the website is up-to-date, whether the contact method and contact details are specified. Also, checking if you have a valid address with an office does not hurt.

What do the security guards need?

Not everyone is able to acquire the skills of a security guard, so in order to be truly dedicated to becoming a security guard, you need to have certain characteristics. In general, the characteristics that a guard man has are as follows.

Physical condition

It is important to be able to respond quickly to various situations. This shows that the staff is committed to their physique and employment.

Sharp common sense

The guard must always be vigilant, as he does not know what will happen around the facility or elsewhere under his control.

Presence and communication skills

It is able to withstand stress and tension, and also requires strength to interact with people. This will further increase your confidence in people and ensure that you are a committed company.


This is important because in general, guards are not alone, and at the time of adoption, they can also be in charge of others.

Experience and training

At this point, in order for the guards to be part of this task, they must always be trained and experienced. By gaining sufficient experience, you will be able to act in situations that are always presented.

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