Private Investigation

How Deep Do Private Investigations Go?

Approximately 70% of Australian private investigations involve workplace and motor accident injury claims. This bread and butter work involves getting all the relevant facts, and meticulously analysing them to reach the right conclusion.

We make detailed use of official records in this regard. Those making false injury claims are often ‘repeating offenders’ and the same may be said of their medical advisers. In our experience, the majority of people claiming insurance for injuries have miraculously ‘healed’ before the case comes to our attention.

The Deeper, Emotional World of Private Investigations

The remaining 30% of our work is mainly done for private individuals, as opposed to insurance and other corporate. Our private investigations are often deeply emotional cases of partner infidelity, children going off the rails, and missing person’s cases.

The Australian Cyber Information Act allows law enforcement agencies “to intercept, monitor and decrypt any information generated, transmitted, received or stored in any computer resource.” This includes digital devices such as phones and tablets.

At the time, the opposition labeled the law as “unconstitutional, undemocratic, and an assault on fundamental liberties.” Our opinion is that it accurately represents infidelity, drug dealing, child molestation, and kidnapping from the victim’s point of view.

How Our Discreet Private Investigators Go About Their Work

private investigatorValues and habits are persistent things. We repeat the same patterns time after time. People who abuse kids usually have a long history of this. Unfaithful spouses seldom do it just once.

Government departments record this information meticulously, but the information is scattered. Successful private investigations gather this intelligence together and analyse it based on decades of experience. This process often follows these stages.

  • What exactly is the allegation? Why is the person making it?
  • What information can we gather from the accused person’s past?
  • Does this data support the allegations made against them?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then we take the private investigation to the next level. Using past patterns of behaviour as clues to what is happening now. We solve the majority of our cases within a week using this logical approach.

Would You Like to Speak to a Private Investigations Specialist?

We will be delighted to assist with more information. Please follow this link to our private investigations department, complete the web form and we’ll be in touch soon. You are also welcome to call 1800 553 788 or send us an email if you need help right away.

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