Need for More Security Cameras Brisbane Wide

While Brisbane is a safe to moderately safe city by international standards, the scourge of petty and more serious crime continues. We can’t expect the police to be everywhere, all the time. Small businesses especially have to increasingly rely on security cameras. Brisbane is not alone in this. A recent survey confirms that ‘tough on crime’ is not working in Western Australia either.Wireless Security Camera System with Recorder

What’s Behind the Extra Security Cameras Brisbane Companies Ask?

The Queensland crime rate as known to the police stood at 450,000 in 2001. By 2010 this had dropped to 375,000 according to police reports. However this escalated to over 500,000 through 2015 to 2018. Crime is also on the upcharge in Brisbane having risen from 105,000 to 125,000 annually during the same period.

Things came to a head just before Christmas, 2018 when The Australian reported on an ‘interstate crime wave’ detected by numerous security cameras Brisbane authorities installed. These included a string of offences including violent carjacking in the southern suburbs. There were allegations some criminals were from across the border in Victoria.

Crimes are being smuggled in and it is going to spoil our good relationship with Queenslanders,’’ a member of a Queensland communities council told The Australian. “We are very mindful of that and we would like the authorities and the Queensland community to be aware of this.”

However, detective superintendent Tony Fleming of the Queensland Police could neither confirm nor deny the criminals crossed state boundaries. “That’s something we will be looking at,” he said. The offenders were minors, with their identity protected by the juvenile court.

How Should Brisbane Businesses Respond to These Trends

Many of our customers call their security cameras Brisbane police, because they are ‘on duty’ right around the clock. Criminals know they stand a better chance of being arrested and convicted when there is photographic evidence. Moreover there can no doubt in an insurance company’s mind that stock loss is down to a crime, when they can watch the incident played back from a video camera.

Qld Diamond Security Is On Call with Security Camera Advice

Qld Diamond Security teams with AusCovert Investigations to counter what may be a persistent crime wave in Queensland. Our services include security cameras, alarms, body guards, security guards, and crowd controllers. Call us on 1800 553 788 for fast effective service. Follow this link to learn more about us.

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