How can a Brisbane security company help you to make your parking more secure?

What is private security?

Private security refers to security using security guards, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems. Depending on the type of assets to be protected, we provide services in private security according to the type of business.

How does a security company protect the safety of a parking lot?

Body Guard - Executive Personal Protection
Body Guard- Executive Personal Protection

When you’re doing business, you want your customers and employees to be safe and secure at all times. They commute by car or motorbike, so they want to have their car in the parking lot with peace of mind. That’s why parking security is so important that you can take some precautions. Here are a few ways to do this:

Security Escorts

If you have a security guard in Brisbane city, you can use it as an escort for your employees and users. It is also possible to escort them to the car if it is dark or late at night. For those who are anxious to get in the car alone, let’s tell the staff that the security guard will escort you. This security escort can be provided depending on the number of security guards.

Virtual Security Escorts

If the number of guards is not enough and it is difficult to get to the car, a virtual escort is possible. Security guards monitor people heading to the car with security cameras to make sure they are safe until they get out of the car. If there is any suspicious activity, we can support you immediately. You can also talk on the phone until you get in the car.

Monitoring network.

Implementing a 24/7 monitoring system is also good for low-budget businesses. Security cameras installed in the parking lot can be monitored when the staff is on site, and outside security guards can manage the system outside of working hours. Video surveillance can prevent minor crimes and harassment. In addition, if a crime occurs, it becomes evidence, and you can get the cooperation of the police in arresting the suspect.

Improved lighting

To increase the safety of the parking lot, good lighting is necessary. You need to check if the parking lot needs an overhead pole light or a floodlight that illuminates the entire parking lot. Dark corners should be brighter so that the camera is easier to capture the movement. You can also save on electricity bills while ensuring people’s safety by adding lighting with a human touch sensor.

A professional security consultant will assess and assist you with lighting conditions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will assess your business security needs and assign you a mobile patrol security service. If you are in the Brisbane, Queensland area, Qld Diamond Security also offers security services in Brisbane, Queensland. Regardless of your budget, we will adjust the security protocols as needed.

Why is Qld Diamond Security the best private security company in Brisbane?

We have been offering private security solutions for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on being the best choice in terms of quality, commitment and undoubtedly service compliance.

Our security guards are constantly trained. This is because we provide professional services that guarantee the protection of your assets. That’s why we specialize in security for businesses, houses, industries, schools, banks, shopping centers, condos, etc.

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