How A Security Company Helps You Plan Public Events in Brisbane

Planning public events by a top-rated security company in Brisbane

If you’re in Brisbane, Australia, you should consider hiring a security company for planning public events. Public events can range from neighborhood parties and county shows to large-scale concerts, large-scale events, and sports activities by internationally active artists. No matter what venue, fire safety strategies, emergency and evacuation plans play an important role in the safety management of the event.

Laws and regulations

The key law that applies to the event is the licensing law. Regardless of the scale of the event, it is very important to have a good understanding of the key points of this law, since there is a legal obligation to comply with this law. In addition to licensing laws, all proposed events must comply with the following guidance and laws:

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Risk Assessment- Outdoor venues and Events

The Security Advisory Group

security guard brisbaneEach municipality has a Security Advisory Group (SAG) to advise on the security of events and to ensure public safety. SAG will consider all event license applications and provide advice and guidance to all stakeholders. Applications for public events must be made through the applicable local authorities.

Event planners

If the public is invited to an organized event, the organizer of the event and/or the owner of the land on which the event will be held have a responsibility (duty of care) to ensure the safety of the public before, during, and after the event, regardless of the size of the event.

Fire safety

Event organizers are responsible for taking steps to protect those who participate in the event from fire hazards. This includes employees, contractors, volunteers, visitors to the public, or anyone legally permitted to be on the spot.

Event organizers must be aware of their legal responsibility to conduct a comprehensive fire risk assessment and establish the necessary management systems to mitigate these risks. Consider the option of selling fire extinguishers. It is highly recommended that you have an excellent fire extinguisher in case of fire trouble.

Depending on the nature, scale, and complexity of the event, an event organizer or event team member may conduct a fire risk assessment provided they have the necessary skills, experience, knowledge, and expertise. Alternatively, it may be more appropriate to hire a fire safety specialist to conduct a fire risk assessment.


Every event requires some sort of event plan, but the details vary depending on the nature, scale, and impact of the event. The plan should be a living document that records the deployment of the event and records important information (for example, issues, agreements, corrections, etc. that may arise as the event progresses).

A map of the venue and location of an event is a communication tool that helps you manage and manage your event. It can also help you plan how people enter and exit the venue and move around the venue during the course of event design.

Hire the Best Security Company for Public Events

Qld Diamond Security understands that your event is unique, and we believe that your event security should be unique as well. Whether it’s corporate meetings, parties, entertainment venues or promotional events, event security always requires a rare breed of event security that combines the experience, judgment, sensitivity, efficiency and professionalism that you and your guests deserve.

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