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Precautions and Home Security Alarm Systems Brisbane Holidaymakers Should Adopt

Precautions and home security alarm systems Brisbane. When it’s warm weather again and the beaches call, the thoughts of Brisbanites turn to summer holidays. Unfortunately the uptick in crime has seen the end of lock-up-and-go weekends. Hence the need to take precautions including testing the home alarm systems Brisbane families are acquiring at an increasing rate.security alarm systems

We thought it was appropriate to remind our readers of the simple things we can do to make our homes less attractive to burglars. We can’t promise a break-in won’t occur, but you are less likely to receive a call from a neighbour while enjoying a BBQ at Settlement Cove.

Testing Home Security Alarm Systems Brisbane Weather May Damage

Humidity and salt are not the best bed mates for home alarm systems Brisbane homeowners often neglect. We have found wasps nesting in passive infrareds, and geckos lurking inside control panels.

We strongly recommend you give your system a complete look over, and check the wires are still all tightly connected. Then test each every trigger point carefully before seeing whether you can set the alarm off by simulating a burglary.

Don’t Leave Signs You Are Away for Criminals to Spot

Leaving garbage out for neighbourhood dogs to tear apart tells criminals you are away as clear as a bell. Much the same goes for junk mail and flyers stuffed under the front door. A thief who notices these will return the following night to see if they are still there. If that’s the case, it’s literally an invitation to break in.

Keep the Ladders Stored in the Garage or Lockup Shed

Leaving a ladder in the carport or garden, or worse still next to the front door is an another open offer to a thief to climb up to a window and force it open. If you have one of those quality home alarm systems Brisbane security companies install then they will run a mile when it goes off. However, you will still have expensive damage to repair.

Don’t Tell Everybody About Your Plans on Social Media

Many Australians still have open Twitter and Facebook accounts any person can read. A simple search using ‘brisbane, holiday, away’ as keywords can yield a treasure trove of leads that make an experienced house thief’s eyes water.

This advice comes to you courtesy of QLD Diamond Security company in Brisbane. We install, monitor and maintain home alarm systems Brisbane wide and beyond.