Hiring security guards. It is the first filter for COVID-19

In this health emergency, the field of private security demonstrated the validity of its role, in particular the position of security guard. The guards and custodians of various private security companies, including the entire private security team at Qld Diamond Security, not only develop private security services for industry, but also perform important functions such as supporting medical institutions and businesses in various fields. We have been working on it for a long time. The work of our security guards has gone further, and their responsibilities have shifted to issues related to security in other areas, more related to health protocols. Here it is responsible for overseeing and executing temperature control, the use of masks, the provision of alcohol gels, etc.

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Such activities were organically initiated at the request of various customers of the industries and companies to which AusCovert Investigations is affiliated, and then these operations were confirmed by official documents issued by local state authority that these operations are part of the authority of the security guards. In this way, since the beginning of this pandemic, we have been able to show our impeccable service profession, our spirit of helping each other and, above all, our passion for the work of security guards.

Professional Security Guards at Qld Diamond Security 

At Qld Diamond Security, we are aware of our commitments to our customers in different industries, companies and businesses. It is able to adapt to the situation that the world is experiencing today and provide excellent quality service. The satisfaction of all our customers and the optimal results will be a letter of introduction to recognize Qld Diamond Security as a leading company in the field of private security, and thus establish itself.

From this situation, let’s think about the role of security guards and custodians necessary in the field of private security, their scope, the importance of humanity. It’s very important to have time to appreciate the more than 14 million women and men who work in the private security field, and above all, the society they protect.

With over 24 years of experience in private security, the satisfaction of hundreds of companies and the continuous training and innovation of our technology and security protocols demonstrate that Qld Diamond Security is the best choice for your company. Please consult and estimate it here.

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