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Concierge Security

Qld Diamond Security can provide both male and female concierge staff. These personnel are often referred to as front of house security. It provides a visual deterrent and combines customer service and security in one.

Providing concierge security for many types of businesses, including:

Mystery Shoppers Idenfity

Concierge Security Services

  • Shopping centers
  • Accommodation houses
  • Hospitality venues
  • Corporate events
  • Hotels
  • Conventions
  • Building a business

Concierge security guards from Qld Diamond Security can wear your uniform, suites, our corporate uniform, or conform to your dress regulations and needs.

Our expert team members can provide guards to work on a roster basis either part-time or full-time. The HR division splits or rotate shifts to ensure your guests have peace of mind whilst on your property and your staff and property remain safe day and night.

All of our concierge security guards are trained in first aid including CPR. They are government licensed under the Security Providers Act 1993 (Qld), have RSA certification white/blue card induction. They can read and write English, carry a mobile phone, have a notebook on every shift. The guards know how to use personal protective equipment.

We are committed to customer service and ensuring peace in your environment whilst keeping your assets safe.┬á Our concierge guards will lighten the load for facility managers whilst they work on the clients’ KPIs.

Please contact us now to discuss your needs and how we can work together to achieve your safety goals on 1800 553 788 or via email at [email protected]