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The Peace of Mind Child Protection Officers Bring to Queensland

The Children Act of 2004 requires every organization to have a nominated person responsible for safeguarding children and young people within its area of responsibility. It was a sad day when it came to that. That’s because in past decades, most adults were informal child protection officers, although they would not have called themselves that.

People seeking appointment as child protection officers must hold bachelor-level degrees in social work, psychology, human services, or behavioral science to be considered for child protection positions. Suitably qualified individuals may also function as self-employed professionals.

Permanent and Transient Needs for Child Protection

Child Security and Safety
Child Security and Safety

All children deserve protection from abuse of any kind. Some have special needs because of diminished understanding and receive care in special homes. Other young people need exceptional protection because something has changed in their lives.

QLD Diamond Security offers a discreet service in this regard. Here are some examples of how our child protection officers have assisted in the past.

A recent divorce or separation has led to a custody dispute, and a court has made a ruling. The unsuccessful partner has become highly emotional and may be stalking the child with a view to absconding with them.

A young person has given evidence in a serious crime case, perhaps involving a drug dealer or other violent person. The police are doing their best. However, in the absence of manifest threats, they have to withdraw their resources.

Parents suspect a serial abuser is grooming their child. They have found expensive gifts in their bedroom, and noticed their child becoming increasingly withdrawn. The police are too overstretched and they have no hard evidence.

Qld Diamond’s Child Protection Officer is Available to Help

Our child protection officers team with our experienced private detectives and this makes a powerful force for good. The one hand protects the child from danger, while the other actively seeks out the adult bent on causing harm.

When the Queensland Police see our evidence, we are confident they will act. That’s because they feel as strongly as you and we do. There is no place for people who abuse or threaten children in our society.

Contact Qld Diamond Security at 1800 553 788, or send a message to us in deepest confidence if you are worried about your child. We are here to assist.

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