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How Bug Sweeping Became an Imperative for Queenslanders

The Australian government is clearly getting jittery about cyber security. Its latest series of pledges to its customers is showing signs of shifting the risk across to its citizens, because it is already doing everything it can. Apparently it accepts that cyber-attacks can still get through because it posts the following advisory:

  • Install and activate security software on your computer. Ensure your security software includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and anti-spam filter.
  • Run regular scans of your computer for viruses.
  • Remember to update your security software to ensure you are always running the current version.

They only missed one thing. Bug sweeping is always indicated if there is a threat of an infection.

bug sweeping

Bug Sweeping is a Trusted Way of Removing Malware

And then it goes further to extend the cyber bug threat beyond its own systems:

  • Do not open email attachments if you do not know the sender.
  • Only download files from reputable Internet sites.
  • Be wary when exchanging files with colleagues or friends.
  • Never click on hyperlinks in emails received from unknown sources.

Therefore, if you think the government – any government – has matters under control, think again. If Russia can influence elections, as seems likely, you are clearly on your own and facing increasingly sophisticated bugs. Bug sweeping is a trusted way of removing stubborn malware.

QLD Diamond Security’s Malware Predictions for 2019

  • Crypto currency holders will face more determined attacks.
  • Web skimming will increase card data uplift by increasing card data from web forms.
  • Botnets will increasingly become part of botnets as Internet of things devices will increasingly become part of botnets.
  • Australian businesses will prove to be wide open to ransom ware.
  • Key business personnel will fall victim to social engineering campaigns.
  • Data mining Trojans will spread rampantly between computers.
  • Advanced hacking tools will be spread among low-level criminals.
  • Email spam will make a comeback because it works well.
  • Your business will come under attack from one of these

The internet, your router and your computer are the channels through which these threats enter your systems, and eventually clear your bank account if you do nothing. The only way to stop a leak is at the source.

I checked the office computers. The router is a dumb device.

We wish it were. In fact, your router may have been until hackers manipulated weaknesses to infiltrate local networks. If that’s the case with you, your router and all your connected devices may be compromised.

Consider asking QLD Diamond Security to cleanse your entire system with bug sweeping. Call 1800 553 788 for effective advice. You can not afford to take a chance with your data and your bank accounts when you could be flying blind.

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