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Electronic Security/Security Systems

We have a wide variety of alarm and CCTV (closed-circuit television) security systems available to suit your residential, commercial, and/or industrial needs. Our range of alarms and CCTV is diverse and we can custom design a package to suit your risk and budget.

A range of 4 channel and 8 channel IP cameras, including a DVR (digital video recorder) with a 1 TB hard drive to complete servers that can be viewed remotely on smart phones like the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad or desktop, are now available.

HD-SDI security cameras are also available. They provide a quality image that is far superior to analog CCTV and are cost-effective in comparison to IP cameras that need to run on a network. HD-SDI delivers detailed, high definition images with no compression artifacts or transmission-related delays without the challenge of networking components.

Qld Diamond Security can conduct site audits to review your current level of security. It provides consultancy, and also quote on the provisioning of a range of quality alarm and CCTV systems throughout South East Queensland. We use a range of quality systems, including Bosch, Crow, Ness, Lawmate, Lilin, Vivotek, Samsung, Sony, Axis, QVS, Imatch, and Crow runner.

Choosing to install a CCTV video surveillance system is a very important decision. It helps reduce theft, protect staff and customers, and catch thieves in the act whilst keeping your assets safe.

A large range of CCTV cameras are also available, including:


  • HD dome cameras
  • Vandal-resistant HD dome cameras
  • IR cameras
  • Full body cameras
  • Mini & bullet cameras
  • Covert cameras
  • Speed dome cameras
  • Cube cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • Thermal cameras

The types of electronic security alarm systems we can provide to help keep your assets safe include:

  • Intruder alarms
  • Wireless systems
  • Movement detectors (ultrasonic, microwave infra-red)
  • Magnetic reed switches
  • Duress alarms or panic assistance
  • External siren box with strobes and or internal sirens
  • Backup batteries
  • Monitoring-phone line-GSM -Ip Connect

Please contact the Security Manager on 1800 553 788 via [email protected] now to discuss your security needs with a free consultation.

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